I Have Not Hidden Your Deliverance

Then I said, “Behold, I have come;
in the scroll of the book it is written of me:
I delight to do Your will, O my God;
Your law is within my heart.”

I have told the glad news of deliverance in the great congregation;
behold, I have not restrained my lips,
as you know, O Lord.
I have not hidden Your deliverance within my heart;
I have spoken of Your faithfulness and Your salvation;
I have not concealed Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness from the congregation. – Psalm 40

Directly before this passage, the psalmist says that God does not delight in sin offerings; He does not require offerings for our sins.  But instead of requiring sin offerings, He offers us an open ear to hear our cries.  So far, nothing has been required of us.

Because of God’s inclination to hear the psalmist’s plea for deliverance, the psalmist turns and says, “O my God, I delight to do Your will.”  And then he proceeds to tell us what God’s will looks like:

Telling the glad news of deliverance in the great congregation.

Remembering God’s faithfulness, His salvation, His deliverance, His steadfast love, His wondrous deeds and thoughts toward us, and then telling the great congregation of people about it.

Friends, God has not restrained his mercy from me!