His Tomb Is With Us To This Day

Once again, the fine folks @curatormagazine have posted one of my essays. I have a few more scheduled over the next several weeks, so I’ll keep you informed.

My nephew Jude was stillborn. The diagnosis came early in the pregnancy: an extra chromosome written into the genetic language would lead to, among other maladies, a terminal heart condition. A period on a sentence still being thought. Yet. Inside the womb, Jude was vibrant. Strong even. I felt him kick my hand through my sister-in-law’s stomach. The reality of that touch was difficult to reconcile with the doctors’ predictions. The doctors had narratives built from a battery of tests and data, but I had flesh upon flesh.

His Tomb Is With Us To This Day

Remind yourselves of this: We who were slaves to sin; the sin that when fully grown becomes death; that awful separation from God; We who were bound to decay and marked for the grave; we have been buried with Christ.

But to this end: that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. By His resurrection we live a life where death shall have no dominion, but grace shall. For the life that Christ lives, He lives to God, and so shall we all. That is cause to celebrate.

In the spirit of “revealing His steadfast love and faithfulness.”  – From Romans 6.