My stories, poetry, and essays can be found in Narrative Magazine, Curator, and Fathom Magazine, as well as The Broad River Review where my story “Tender Mercies of the Wicked” won the Ron Rash Award in Fiction. 

I’ve been a butcher, a farmer, a dishwasher, a technical writer, and an ad copywriter. I now teach and remodel houses in Amarillo, Texas, where I live with my wife and three children.

Thanks for reading. You can find more  prose and poetry at a variety of places around the Internet and print, including:

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Once in This Bread : (Fathom Magazine) or (Fathom Magazine Anthology: Volume 1)

Tender Mercies of the Wicked : (Broad River Review)


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Inaugural Villanelle : (Texas Poetry Assignment)

He Will Speak for Himself: A Lectio Divina : (Fathom Magazine)

A Corrections Officer Quarantines at the Clements Unit : (Tejascovido) (Langdon Review)

Forgive Us Our Deudas : (The Thing Itself journal, Issue 46, pg. 20.)

An Horologist Returns to Work After His Wife’s Diagnosis : (Curator Magazine)

Names of Crops (Fathom Magazine)

Catch All (Fathom Magazine)

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He Will Speak For Himself (Fathom Magazine)

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Larry McMurtry and Wendell Berry at the Dairy Queen : (Front Porch Republic)

A Sermon Under the Pastures: An Interview with Nathan Poole : (Fathom Magazine)

Vulgar : (Fathom Magazine)

Keeping Watch on the Evil and the Good: Worshipping the State in Cool Hand Luke and Minority Report.  : (Reel World Theology)

Little Girl Found :  (Curator Magazine)

His Tomb Is With Us To This Day : (Curator Magazine)

Hammer Through Daisies : (Curator Magazine)

Exile a While: Interview on High Plains Public Radio with Jenny Inzerillo and Dr. Eric Meljac.

Writing Right Through It: Interview on High Plains Public Radio regarding the Dorothy Patterson Poetry Series (includes a reading of “A Corrections Officer Quarantines in the Clements Unit”)

Meet the Author: Interview on Studio 4 regarding the release of “Ulysses Arrives in Amarillo.”

First Place Fathom Magazine’s Short Story Competition July 2017, for the short story “Once In This Bread” (Fathom Magazine).

Finalist Narrative Magazine’s Spring 2013 Story Contest for the short story “Lantern, Name Thy Bearer” (Narrative Magazine).

2018 Rash Award in Fiction for the short story “Tender Mercies of the Wicked” (Broad River Review).

2020 Finalist Texas Review Press Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize for Call Out Coyote.

2021 Third Place Everett Southwest Literary Award for Short Story Collection The Whims of Light and Wind.

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I Have a Dream, written by Ryan Culwell/Seth Wieck

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“I Am Amarillo” commissioned by Wilson Lemieux of Lemieux Company for the Inspire Amarillo campaign. 2020.