At some point in the near future I’ll stop posting stuff about Ryan Culwell’s album “Flatlands”. But in the mean time, you should listen to it here. Listen like a 1000 times, so he’ll draw a royalty check.

Or buy it here:

Rolling Stone says: …startling moments — the places where the bare-boned gives way to the bombastic — that makes Flatlands sound like the Bible Belt cousin to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.

Pop Matters says: Indeed, if Flatlands was a movie, it would have better been entitled Badlands given its barren settings and austere atmosphere. And if it was a slice of cinema, it would likely end in triumph; however tortured the tale, its ultimate purpose would be to salute Culwell’s acumen and resolve. 

New Slang, a local rag says: There’s undoubtedly a vein of honesty that careens back and forth throughout the 12-track masterpiece that paints the Flatlands exactly what they are to most. He captures the highs, lows, and the in-betweens without harping or celebrating either too much. 

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