Email From My Dad

I sat down to write you the morning email and found myself 15 minutes later perusing through news stories that, though interesting, really didn’t affect me at all. The obvious entertainment???????? stories of the celebrities mansions, loves, wayward lives and children, etc,

or the IRS failure to answer taxpayers questions, (40% of calls go unanswered)……….it is a big thing to keep my interest piqued enough by what ever means (news, entertainment, yada, yad) necessary to get me to glance at the ad for the coffee maker or the 50 something singles in my area. I know that a lot of false advertising takes place because 1. No coffee can taste that good, and 2. Some of those 50 something singles that look that good have stayed single for the 3 years they have been on the ad. Surely, a few of them would become attached.

I usually find myself no better off from having read the news and often the way it makes me feel is much more important. A little gloomier perhaps, a bit more down,,maybe I need that cup of coffee to pick me up, that new car would be nice. I can see me now at the dream retirement beach resort, all buff like the old dude with the canoe sipping on that cup of coffee because of my retirement plan with the investment company that was advertised along with the news stories of the crappy economy and the bus crash. Throw in a few solar lights (which I did buy, they are great, but 3 months later I still see them on my screen) a new barbque grill, (I may have to forego the retirement beach resort) I begin to want some more news, entertainment…..advertising….to make me feel, what, lack? I lack what is shown on the screen presented in such a way that I feel a bit unfulfilled unless I have “that”.

Where is God in all this? He is everywhere, but my attention to that “stuff” diminishes my ability to perceive His presence. If my attention is focused on Him, then I will hear that chord in my ear, (brokenness, yielding, surrender) I need to find 6 strings. I will have a great day because of Who I walk with, and so will you.

Love Always and Peace
Dad, GBO

(These sorts of emails are almost a daily occurrence from my dad. He’s an ex-farmer, retired prison guard, wonderful wonderful person.)

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