Taylor Swift Trolls and the Lessons They Impart

Several years ago I posted an illustration by the artist Mark Summers that traced the artistic influence from Jonathan Swift to Taylor Swift (http://sethwieck.tumblr.com/post/868225008/from-vanity-fair-issue-600-august-2010-by-mark). I thought it was funny. It was early on. I didn’t quite understand tumblr. 

It is by far the most popular post in the history of this tumblr with 194 notes (which is paltry for most of you, I’m sure). It is still being reblogged 3.5 years later. I’d like to think that I post some things on here that are worth considering, but nothing as worthy as Taylor Swift. I guess there are people who just search for all things Taylor Swift and hoard the pixels of her likeness in their own little tumblrs.

I have also placed a disproportional amount of commentary about Cormac McCarthy which isn’t as popular as Taylor Swift-abilia, but in the end there’s no difference between a one-off joke about Swift and a hard-fought sentence about Blood Meridian. 

Plus, Taylor Swift trolls sure are friendly.