Published in The Curator


One of my poems was published today at The Curator. You can read it by following this excerpt: 

The Curator is a web publication of the International Arts Movement, which aims have artists “create good, true, and beautiful artifacts as sign-posts pointing toward a ‘world that ought to be’.” I heard the artist and founder of IAM, Makoto Fujimura, say that our culture “ha[s] a language to celebrate waywardness, but we don’t have a cultural language to bring people back home." I’m proud to have a poem published in a place with a goal of reconciliation. It’s a good magazine. Take a look around while you’re there.

(I’m especially enjoying this essay about reading: Digging and Reading.

Amarillo skyline paintings and sketch.

These were part of a larger project celebrating Advent at our church and illustrating passages out of Isaiah. These paintings were meant to illustrate Isaiah 1 and Isaiah 29, but I chose my hometown of Amarillo as the subject instead of Jerusalem. I love our city.

At some point, I’ll write a note about the group of people who contributed to the whole project. They have been an unexpected source of joy these past few months and we are grateful to call them friends; grateful to see His love being perfected in us.